What Real Estate Agents are Saying About Home Staging

According to the studies conducted by ASP Home staging, a whopping 94% of staged homes sell in 29 days or less on average. Difference in time on market is also of interest as staged homes have 83% less time on market. Based on the real estate agents surveys in the U.S, home staging can fetch up to 15% more than homes not staged. If these statistics are anything to go by, then home staging is the ultimate answer to home sales.

Do Real Estate Agents like home staging? Definitely, any serious agent does. They have realized that it is a necessity to have a professional home stager in their company. The reason is simple; to improve their marketing effectiveness and success. Having a professional home stager means greater client satisfaction, decreased marketing expenditure, increased referrals, more profits and higher commissions.

Not all real estate agents are for the idea of home staging. They argue that the staging is too expensive and is a wastage of time as the house will eventually sell. Some wonder why they should pay for consultations, while they can do the staging themselves. Others think home staging is fluffing and would rather not bother their selling client by suggesting home staging.

However, those in favor of staging know that home staging yields high investment and is short term. Home staging is time saving because the number of days in the market are reduced. Instead of complaining that it’s fluffing, they consider it savvy marketing. The time a real estate agent would waste doing the staging, is spent on what he or she does best, that is looking for homes for their clients and, listing and selling properties.

Why should real estate agents look for a professional home stager for all their listings?

– To sell faster and higher than the competition
– All properties increase their ratings after staging
– To save time
– To win listings
– So the agent can give more attention to listing and selling

Here are some statistics on importance of home staging and their ratings.

A staging survey carried out by the Duke University across North America on home staging principles, gave the following results:

– Removal of personal items such as toothbrushes from bathrooms had a 6.55 out of 7 rating. The justification was that the buyers didn’t need to be reminded they bought a “used” house.

– Turning on of lights during showing had 6.39 out of 7 rating. Apparently this made the house look bigger and showed there was nothing to hide. It also elicited positive reaction

– A house on listing in the market should not be empty. This staging principle had 6.28 importance rating. Houses that were furnished felt warm and helped the buyers have a picture of how to arrange their stuff. In contrast, an empty house is cold and unwelcoming.

– Use of scented candles and air fresheners had 4.54 rating. The pleasant scents mask bad odors and are inviting.

Home staging is definitely worth the investment. In conclusion, it is evident that home staging is no longer an option for any real estate agent looking to have quick and high real estate investments.

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