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Why Stage? Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

It is reported that over 80% of buyers now use the internet to preview home photos before making a decision to visit a home! Fantastic showing photos not only draw more traffic to your home but professional home staging is proven to increase buyers perception of how much your home is worth – offering up to 10% more than had you not staged, and in as little as 1/3 the time. Plus staging can be a tax deduction as a cost of selling your home.
Don’t leave money on the table – it pays to Stage!

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Staging A Vacant Home

If your home will be vacant when you sell, having it professionally staged with furniture and accessories can sell it 2-3 times faster than homes that are not staged. When a home is not staged, buyers can only notice the condition of walls, floors and fixtures which may need updating.

Adding furniture and accessories can:

  • Accent the positive while down playing any negatives
  • Highlight valuable features buyers are seeking
  • Remedy small or awkward spaces with proper furniture selection
  • Create a warm and inviting atmosphere
  • Elevate the perception of value as being higher

Home staging a vacant property boasts a whopping 576% return on investment and can be a tax write off!

In addition, agents usually tour homes as they first come on the market. The impression they have of your home has a direct effect on whether they bring prospective buyers through your home. Agents representing buyers only receive commission when buyers make a purchase and will likely take their buyers to the best showing homes to ensure a swift sale.

Whether you are looking to get top dollar on the sale of your home, or would like to redesign your new or current home, we can perform our magic to turn everyday spaces into favorite places. Call us today to discuss your project……..818-726-6429


When you’re ready to get a higher price for your luxury home, call Style My Space

You have the chance to sell your vacant Los Angeles home in 1/3 the usual time and for up to 10% more money — potentially a 300%+ return on your investment. You might even be able to deduct the cost of staging your home at tax time.

Give us a call and we can provide a ball-park estimate for your home right over the phone! If you don’t already have a favorite agent picked out to help you sell your home, we work with many agents in the area who include a partial or full vacant home staging for you when you list with them.

If you live in Northern Los Angeles County and are thinking of selling your vacant home, give us a call today! 818.726.6429

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How do I choose the right company to Stage my home?

Choosing the right stager can be daunting process and you’ve likely received quotes that vary widely in price. There are many reasons for different fees that can affect the end results to consider.

How can I make an informed decision?

  • Take into consideration the company’s gallery. Does the work represented speak to the style and quality of installation your project deserves?
  • Check the company reviews
  • Find out if the company carries full liability and workman’s comp insurance.

Why do the quotes vary so widely in price?
Staging companies have many operating costs including being properly insured and the quality of inventory they maintain. Extremely low priced Staging quotes may indicate that the company is not fully insured or do not carry the caliber of inventory that warrants charging typical industry rates. They may also be installing a “light” staging versus a more detailed version. Be sure to ask for clarification on all these points if you have concerns.

Reputable staging firms with on-point installations, experience, reputation and carrying all required industry insurances typically charge $3-$4 a square foot for their installations.

Here is a list of factors that can affect the pricing of quotes you receive:

  • Caliber of inventory the Stager plans to install. At Style My Space, we have several tiers of installation to accommodate our clients needs.
  • The amount of customization the project needs – the more luxury and larger the home, the more design acumen is required. Small homes with 3-6 rooms are fairly easy to pull together. Curating a 5000+ square foot staging installation that requires a ‘wow” factor result requires hours of design prep and expertise.
  • Amount of experience, longevity in the industry, reputation.
  • Amount of inventory – light vs detailed
  • Fully insured
  • Difficulty of delivery. Residences with multiple stairs or hallways, street parking or elevators can triple the time it takes to deliver and pick up the installation.
  • The length of time the initial fee covers. Quotes are likely to come in for different amounts of time. Typically 2-6 months depending on the situation.

If you have questions about a staging quote you received from us, feel free to call to discuss options at 818.726.6429.

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