How to Mix Fabric Patterns Successfully

Using more than one pattern in a room seems intimidating but it can be easy to do once you know the tricks. It all comes down to coordinating and complementing patterns in a space. Mixing patterns is easy, but pulling it all together can be a challenge. Follow these easy tips for stylish results.

30/60/10 rule

Consider the 60/30/10 approach. Stick to 60 percent of a dominant pattern, 30 percent of a secondary pattern, and 10 percent of a third as an accent. Try three patterns in a range of scales, such as a narrow stripe, a midsize geometric, and a bold floral. Include solids in supporting roles on a sofa or the floor.

Play with Pattern Size

Select the largest pattern first to serve as a jumping-off point for other patterns, colors, and accessories. In this, the carpet’s the largest pattern in the room followed by the painting and pillows.

Choose a color scheme

Pull patterns together with a common color scheme. The largest scaled pattern will have the most colors, the medium scaled pattern will have a few colors and the smallest scaled pattern will have only one or two colors. Using color schemes within the same tonal family or color palette can create an aesthetically pleasing environment, while still offering variety in its display.