Choosing the right paint colors

Creating a great first impression is everything when selling your home. Buying a home is very emotional and though a potential buyer may have a long list of wants for their future abode those will pale in comparison to the feeling a buyer gets the first time he or she steps into your home.
Making sure that your home is appealing and appears up to date is a critical part of selling your home. One of the quickest ways to give your home a face-lift is a careful consideration of the color palette.  Think of your homes color palette as an important backdrop; it sets the stage for the furnishings and decorations that give rooms a clean updated feel. Paint is one of the easiest updates you can apply to your home but it is also one that causes many sellers and agents a like, a lot of headache. Picking the right paint color is imperative because the wrong color inside or out can turn clients off to the home.

So, How do you pick the right paint color?

First, please remember that this is not an interior design choice and should have nothing to do with your personal favorite colors. The goal here is to choose neutral colors that will appeal to the largest amount of potential buyers.  Neutral paint colors are restful, uncomplicated, and versatile. Below we have seven color suggestions that are light, neutral and (in our experience) work for making a home universally more appealing.

HC-173 Edgecomb Gray
By Benjamin Moore
This easy taupe-gray is gorgeous and neutral. It pairs amazing with bright white molding details!

Edgecomb Gray

2137-60 Grey Owl
By Benjamin Moore
“Gray is the new white” Gray Owl is always classy and light. It is a universal color that lets you play in the gray!
DEC752 Birchwood
By Dunn Edwards
Looking to bring some warmth into a large space? Larger room feeling too cold? Birchwood is here to save you! This creamy warm neural from Dunn Edwards Ranch/Modern Desert
collection brings a big punch of warmth to large spaces. It also looks gorgeous with classic white trim or with wood accents.

DET648 White Picket Fence
By Dunn Edwards
Part of the Then and Now collection White Picket Fence is perfect for lofts, mid-century spaces and creating a clean contemporary back drop.

SW 7036 Accessible Beige
By Sherwin Williams
One of the most popular wall colors for flippers! Why you ask? Because it is a perfect creamy neutral that can stand on its own or pair perfectly with an accent wall.
SW 6204 Sea Salt
By Sherwin Williams
This beautiful green-gray is part of the Coastal Cool Collection and adds a touch of “spa” feel to bathrooms and laundry rooms with out going overboard. Every time I see it on a wall I think “this is the color of Zen”

SW 9173 Shiitake
By Sherwin Williams
Looking for a tan that looks and feels rich? Well Shiitake is a yummy neutral that adds a touch of class to any space! It is still light enough for smaller homes.

Bonus Color…

DEW394 Cascading White
By Dunn Edwards
Need a white? Well you are in luck! We recently went to a class at Dunn Edwards and found out that Cascading White is the most requested white that they have. It is the “new” white. It pairs so perfectly with Dunn Edwards Silver Fox (DE6289) that you can literally feel a wave of relaxation wash over you seeing them side-by-side. But of course it is white so it really pairs with everything.

Runners up…

SW 6105 Divine White By Sherwin Williams
HC – 170 Stonington Gray By Benjamin Moore
HC – 172 Revere Pewter By Benjamin Moore