Stage Your Home for Viewing

Staging your home to attract buyers attention requires decorating, designing, organizing, and de-cluttering along with a Q-tip clean presentation. Organizing the cleaning tasks can be more manageable with the following checklist:


Starting Outside

The Yard

Cut and trim

Put away all lawn equipment, bikes, and toys

Remove all weeds, rocks, and debris from flowerbeds (and concrete cracks)

Wash the driveway and sidewalks


The Rest of the Outside

Trim bushes and trees

Patch any wood rot on the outside walls

Paint/repaint all fences, siding, house numbers, mailboxes, etc.

Repair or replace broken shingles and flashings

Clean out gutters, downspouts, siding, trim, and shutters


Move Inside


Clean backsplash

Clean inside kitchen cabinets (also a good excuse to multitask with some cleaning out kitchen cabinets)

Clean sinks and other reflective surfaces

Clean and keep all dishes put away every day

Clean kitchen exhaust fan, filters, and hoods

Clean oven, stovetop, and burners

Clean appliances

Clean all countertops and other surfaces



Clean floors, toilets, showers, and sinks

Polish mirrors

Clean backsplash


Other Rooms

Clean and polish light fixtures

Polish all woodwork

Deep clean carpets and wash floors

Clean baseboards and trim

Wash walls

Wash doors and doorjambs, especially in the house entryway

Clean all window screens and storm doors

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